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About Peet

I live with my family, on the beautiful Wirral peninsula, surrounded by the wonderful natural environment, with inspiring beaches and rich,  enchanted woods.  


I lived my childhood years in a rambling old vicarage, with dusty cobwebbed attics and secret basements - just the place to develop my young impressionable imagination!

Three years studying at Wirral College of Art helped me to hone my craft before dipping my toe into the world of illustration. 


Originally trained in the traditional media of paper, pencil and paint, I now create most of my work digitally.  


Other than illustrating and writing, my other interests include music, and I have been drumming in a 14 piece big band for the past 20 years. 

Many thanks to Madison Picture for photographing my artwork for this website.  

Copyright © 1980 - 2020 Peet Ellison

Children's Book Illustrator

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