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Stories & Poems

I love the process of writing for children, and seeing things through the eyes of a child. I am delighted that my published stories have entertained so many children around the world.

Here are some of the new books and ideas that I am currently working on ....

Sherbet the Martian is a fun poem that introduces children to the threats faced by animals around the world, as encountered by this intrepid, alien visitor. 

Although light hearted in the telling, the story does not shy away from these issues, and there is a sting at the end of the tale.

Of all the stories I have written, this is my favourite and most satisfying.

Sherbet cover 2.jpg
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Fantastick cover.jpg

Leo loves animals, especially exotic ones, but when he receives some stick insect eggs for his birthday, no one could have foreseen the adventure that was about to unfold, as Fantastick continued to grow, and grow, and grow!

"Makes King Kong look like a bush baby," said someone, possibly, in a review somewhere. 

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This is a road trip for kids, as Bear Pierre discovers a little lost penguin called Pepe, and determines to help him get back home.Their journey begins in France, and takes them across Spain, then Namibia, before reaching the Southern Cape in South Africa.  They encounter many eccentric characters along the way.

Bear Pierre cover1.jpg
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A collection of some of my  poems.

From the epic exploits of Mr Mortlethorpe's Miserable Day, to the dancing disaster of Rose Hip o'Leary, via the disastrous tale of Daley Hughes, ( whose greatest ambition, was to be in the news.)

I love the fun you can have within the format, the puns and the word play.

Click the following for a couple of quick examples:

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