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To Catch a Dragon


They sought to build a dragon,

with fortitude, and twine.

At six, they'd climb the mountainside,

on ladders, built with humble pride,

and pause for prayer at nine.

The dragon's wings were primed with hope,

his glare was fixed with pitch.

The rig, secured, with a rousing song,

(that always ran five bars too long)

was finished with a hitch.

They sought to catch a dragon,

(or so I have been told)

With coaxing, of a generous price,

Then tempting, with a generous slice

of millet cake (served cold.)

But, hardly had the beast set sail,

when to the crew's distress;

Just as the wheels had left the ramp,

the dragon groaned of stomach cramp,

the rest we can but guess.

Such is the legend handed down,

through seasons and through song.

Sure as the law of gravity,

they're going to build another three,

to find out what went wrong!

Copyright © 1980 - 2020 Peet Ellison

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